The Next Chapter

Library Plans

We are marching forward with our new library! Because economic changes, pandemics and time created the need to re-evaluate the original design, we have modified the design to reflect current needs and address cost concerns. All necessary features of the new library remain in tact, while still falling within an acceptable budget of $4M.

 Over the years, the library has raised nearly $1.2M through donations, pledges and grants, thanks to our steadfast supporters.  The library is working to secure the remaining funds needed to begin and finish construction of the new library through fundraising, grants and loan opportunities. We understand the importance of following through on our commitment to the community, and securing the remaining funds needed to allow us to complete the project in a timely manner.

We are excited to take the next steps in our endeavor! To share in a part of this history, please go to to make a financial contribution to our project.


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